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on 17/02/2023

Donated by Mr. Mahesh Das

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Botany

Donated by Mr. Jonmani Das

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Assamese

Donated by Dr. Aswini Kalita

HOD, Dept. of Chemistry

Donated by Kumar Kritartha Kaushik

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Zoology

Donated by Dr. Dibya Jyoti Saikia

HOD, Dept. of Zoology

Donated by Imran Hussain

Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Sc.

OPAC Station

Using by Students

Donated by Student

Dept. of Political Sc.

Donated by Ananya Saikia

Student, Department of English

Donated by Bijoylakshmi Saharia

Dept. of Assamese

Library assistance to

Differently abled users

Donated by Dr. Barnali Sharma

Dept. of English

Donated by Dr. Malini Nair

Dept. of English

Book donated by Punterappun Pegu

Book donated by Dr. Suman Agarwala

Donated by Student

Donated by M. Rongphar

Dept. of Geography

Donated by P. P. Saha

Dept. of Mathematics

Donated by Dr. Tonuj Deka

Dept. of Physics

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List of Library Bookshelves

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Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

Recently Arrived Book

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Library Orientation 2022

Books donated by Dr. Ram Ch. Deka, Vice Principal on 06/09/2022

Government Rural Librarians of Darrang District, attending Librarians' Day 2022

National Librarians' Day Celebration on 12/08/2022

Donated by Punterappun Pegu

Best Reader 2021_Nayan Deka, Dept. of Economics

Beast Reader 2021 Jintimoni Sarmah, Dept. of PSc

Inauguration of Book Exhibition of Teachers' and Students' publications

Creator of the Logo of Library Book Club Pratyashi Sarma and Nribarai Sankar

International Women's Day 08/03/2021

International Mother Language Day 21/02/2022

World Book Day 23/04/2022

Library Team

Best Reader 2021_Saurajyoti Kashyap, Deptt. of English


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